Pergola Kits Annual Mega Sale!

Looking for a pergola kit at an unbelievable price? During our Annual Pegola Kit Sales Event, every pre-configured pergola kit in our store is marked down up to 30% (sale prices shown in bold/green). So cruise through the store, check out the thousands of pergola kits for sale and select the perfect product for your needs. If you need some extra help, check out our Frequently Asked Questions or reach out to our expert team for advice!

All pergolas are covered by our Lowest Price Guarantee and our Satisfaction Guarantee.


Some people know EXACTLY what they want; a cookie cutter solution simply will not do. If you want complete control over the look of your pergola, you’ve come to the right place. A custom pergola kit allows you to have the pergola you’ve always wanted – the pergola design of your dreams!

Choose whether you want a pergola that attaches to your home or is free-standing, the length and width of your pergola, the color and the amount of shade it provides. Select the type of support poles you want – whether they are square or round columns and how big around they are. Do you want your pergola to have a ceiling fan? How about two fans or even three? Do you live in an especially windy area and need the peace of mind that wind brackets will provide? All of these choices are yours when you design your own pergola!

Not Feeling Creative Today? That’s Fine… Search Our Pre-Configured Pergolas Instead

We get it. Sometimes, it’s far easier picking out a design that already exists instead of trying to conjure up one of your own. Not everybody was born with the creative gene and very few people have natural architectural abilities. Not to worry; we have hundreds of pre-designed pergola kits to choose from. Choose from free standing pergola kits or attached pergola kits, below:

Why Shop at Zen Pergolas?

Huge Chiminea Selection

1. Huge Selection of Vinyl Pergolas

Face it. You’ll have a pretty tough time finding a decent selection of pergola kits at a retail store like Lowes, Home Depot or Costco. At Zen Pergolas, we are an absolute pergola super-store! Not only do we have hundreds of pre-configured pergola kits to choose from, but because you can create your own custom pergola design, there are literally more than 50,000 different pergolas available here!

Lowest Price Guarantee

2. Guaranteed Lowest Prices

We compare the prices of our pergola kits to that of our competitors daily to ensure that we’re offering the absolute lowest prices anywhere. When you purchase a pergola with us, you have 30 days to find a lower price on the same pergola from another retailer – and if you do, we’ll beat that price! Click here for more details.

Safe & Secure Shopping

3. Safe & Secure Checkout

We want to do everything we can to ensure a pleasant shopping experience for you. We know that privacy and security are important to that experience, which is why we use SSL encryption to protect your personal and financial information during the checkout process. (Note: If you’re not comfortable placing your order online, you can place your order over the phone by calling (866) 819-6251.) We accept all major credit cards (even American Express) as well as PayPal.

Excellent Customer Service

4. Top-Notch Customer Service

For us, pergolas aren’t just an “afterthought” we’ve decided to add to our catalog to generate a few more sales. We love our backyards and pergolas! If you have any questions about a pergola you have your eye on or need help finding the perfect one, please don’t hesitate to call us at (866) 819-6251 or start up a live chat. We’ll be more than happy to assist you.