Attached Pergolas

Attached Pergolas

Attached pergolas attach to your home or to another building/structure on one of the width sides of the pergola. Attached pergolas up to 20′ wide have 2 posts: one in each corner of the side that is not attached. Attached pergolas ranging from 24′ to 32′ wide have 3 posts: one in each corner plus one in the center of the unattached width side.

Please note that width and depth are NOT interchangeable. The pergola attaches to your home (or other structure) on the width side, and the shade purlins run the width of the pergola.

All Zen Pergolas have a beautiful, virtually maintenance-free vinyl exterior with a durable, rust-proof aluminum frame. Zen Pergolas are manufactured right here in the USA and come with a limited lifetime warranty. Save thousands by ordering a pergola kit direct from us and having it shipped right to your home. Easy to assemble, even for novices.

Attached Pergolas - 10' Wide

10′ Wide Attached Pergolas

Attached Pergolas - 12' Wide

12′ Wide Attached Pergolas

Attached Pergola - 14' Wide

14′ Wide Attached Pergolas

Attached Pergolas - 16' Wide

16′ Wide Attached Pergolas

Attached Pergolas - 20' - 32' Wide

20′ – 32′ Wide Attached Pergolas

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