Vinyl Pergola Kit Features


With all of the benefits you get with Zen Pergolas, you know you will have no choice but to order yours today. Take a look at some of the features of our pergola kits. First of all, they are easy to install. A few basic tools, a novice knowledge of construction, and a buddy is all you will need. Once you have your pergola installed you have easiest maintenance ritual: soap and water. There will be no painting or scrubbing required. You can also rest assured that your pergola will be strong and durable in any kind of weather.

Another great aspect of Zen Pergolas is that they are totally customizable, so that if you have a unique space you can still have look you want. You even have the option for ceiling fan mount to keep the air moving under your pergola. If you can’t find the kit to fit your needs simply contact us as we can create one to fit your needs and give you a quote for the cost.

A couple of other tidbits that will make you happy with your Zen Pergola purchase is that you got free shipping on your American made product. We would like for you to keep your hard earned money in your pocket, and have peace of mind knowing your kit was made right here in the U.S.A.

Quick Facts

  • Perfect Blend of Strength and Functionality
    • Quick and painless installation (by you and a friend, or a contractor if you prefer)
    • No hassle maintenance (no painting, no scrubbing, just soap and a hose)
    • Built to Last … a really long time (impervious to wind, rust, weight, and time)
    • Built right here in America! (no overseas labor)
    • Built for YOU (completely customizable from the ground up)