High-Quality Vinyl & Aluminum Metal Pergola Kits


At Zen Pergolas we want your outdoor area to be beautiful forever. That is why we use only the best materials. The aluminum frame is engineered for high winds and will not sag or warp like a lot of wood pergolas do. Our aluminum will also never rust, so there is no need to worry about rain and snow damaging your pergola and making unsightly rust stains.

The post mounts are also made of aluminum, and are designed to attach to any deck, concrete slab or footing. These mounts will also attach to existing pillars that are already in place. The best feature of these mounts is that they can be trimmed to your liking. And at ½ inch thick the welded post base will stay put in any kind of weather.

Video: What Makes Our Pergolas Great?

Included with your kit is the stainless steel fasteners that will never rust. That’s right, bring on the water, because your fasteners will hold tight without weakening with rust. You can also add Hurricane Clips for a lifetime wind protection warranty.

With such strength and quality in the interior of our materials, do you think we would skimp on the exterior? Definitely not! The vinyl coating of your pergola kit is just as strong, and meant to look good for as long as you own your home. All you need is some soap and water to maintain your vinyl, and it is guaranteed to never chalk, pit, discolor or become brittle. You will never have to go through the hassle of repainting your pergola, because it is covered by a LIFETIME warranty.

Quick Facts

  • Aluminum Frame
  • Will not bend, break, or rust
  • High winds are not a problem
  • Half inch thick super strong welded post base
  • Attaches easily to many surfaces (deck, slab, pillar, footing)
  • May be trimmed to your preferred height
  • Stainless steel fasteners included
  • Select optional hurricane clips for lifetime wind protection
  • Vinyl Exterior
  • Lifetime warranty
  • Complete color throughout (not just on the surface)
  • Extreme low maintenance (easy to clean)
  • Will not discolor or degrade