Freestanding 14′ x 12′ Pergola Kit – White Vinyl w/ Aluminum Frame – 5″ Square Posts, 90% Shade – by Zen Pergolas


Freestanding 14′ x 12′ Pergola Kit – White Vinyl w/ Aluminum Frame – 5″ Square Posts, 90% Shade – by Zen Pergolas

$8,923.00 $7,474.00

  • Style: Freestanding (four posts, one in each corner)
  • Dimensions: 14' wide x 12' deep
  • Shade: 90% shade (3.00″ on center spacing of shade purlins)
  • Posts: 5″ square posts with trim ring
  • Color: White (vinyl)
  • Add-Ons: This configuration does not include fan mounts or high-wind clips (see below for customization options)
  • Shipping: Free Shipping to mainland USA
  • Schematics: Click here to view/download CAD drawings
  • Description


All-Inclusive Kit. This Zen Pergola kit includes the posts, beams, rafters, shade purlins and ALL of the hardware and fasteners you’ll need to assemble your pergola.

Want to Customize Your Pergola? Is this pergola configuration almost what you want… but not quite perfect? Not an issue! You’re looking at one of the 19,200 unique pergola configurations we offer! So there’s absolutely no need to “settle” for this configuration when you can have exactly what you want!

Use our interactive design tool to custom-design a pergola that is perfectly suited to your lifestyle and preferences. You can choose the pergola style (freestanding or attached), width and depth dimensions, color (white or tan vinyl), post width/style, level of shade provided (50%, 75% or 90%) and more (including adding fan mounts and/or high-wind clips). And just in case you’re wondering… No, using the interactive design tool to build a “custom” configuration isn’t going to result in a higher price tag. ALL of our pergola kits are “made to order” and offer rock-bottom factory direct pricing, regardless of whether you order a configuration we’ve created a unique product page for (like this one) OR you use the interactive design tool to custom-design one of the other thousands of possible configurations.

Why a Zen Pergola? Zen Pergolas offer the perfect combination of quality, beauty and affordability. The all-vinyl exterior is elegant and virtually maintenance-free, and the aluminum frame is both structurally strong and rust-proof.

Zen Pergolas are manufactured right here in the USA and are protected by a limited lifetime warranty. Learn more about our high-quality materials and the features and benefits of a Zen Pergola kit.

Aluminum Frame. Zen Pergolas are built to last… and not just stay upright, but also stay beautiful. The sturdy aluminum frame ensures that your pergola will not sag, bend, break or rust over the course of time. The half-inch thick welded post base and stainless steel fasteners will hold your pergola securely in place, even in extreme weather conditions. The posts (columns) can easily be trimmed to your preferred height and attached to virtually any surface (deck, concrete slab, pillar or footing).

All-Vinyl Exterior. With such quality and durability on the inside, do you think we would skimp on the outside? Absolutely not! The exterior of every piece (the posts, beams, rafters and shade purlins… everything!) is made of high-quality vinyl that is as beautiful as it is durable. Anyone who has ever had both a vinyl fence and a wooden fence knows how much easier it is to clean and maintain vinyl. Our pergolas are virtually maintenance-free and are guaranteed never to chalk, pit, discolor or become brittle.

Limited Lifetime Warranty. We’re so confident your Zen Pergola will look beautiful for decades that we have no hesitation backing it with a limited lifetime warranty. Click here to read through the warranty information.

Why Order a Pergola KIT Instead of Hiring a Contractor to Install a Pergola For You? Because you’ll literally save thousands of dollars! (And because assembling your pergola kit is super simple, even for novices.) When you hire a local contractor to put in a pergola for you, he’s typically buying the kit (i.e. the same type of kit you’re looking at here) from a local dealer (who has already marked up the price by 25-30%, plus shipping). And then the contractor likely marks up the price again by another 10-20%… plus he charges you for his time to install the pergola. All told, you’ll typically pay 40-50% over the manufacturer’s cost for the pergola, plus installation costs. OUCH!

Why not skip the “middle men” (and the accompanying price mark-ups) and order direct from us? Even if you plan to hire a local handyman or contractor to assemble the pergola for you (which certainly isn’t necessary, but which is always an option), you’ll still save thousands by ordering your pergola kit from us rather than through a local contractor.

Assembly Information. Assembling a Zen Pergola honestly isn’t difficult at all. Even novices with little to no construction experience can bang it out in a day or two (certainly over a weekend). You don’t need any specialized tools, either.

And if our detailed, fully illustrated step-by-step assembly instructions aren’t clear enough, you can FaceTime or Skype with us directly (for FREE!) to get personal, one-on-one help! Click here for more details and FAQs about assembling your Zen Pergola. (Also keep in mind that even if you decide to hire a local handyman or contractor to assemble your Zen Pergola for you, you’ll still save thousands by buying the kit direct from us.)

Please note that the pictures shown above are representative of various configurations of Zen Pergolas and do not necessarily depict the exact configuration offered on this page.