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Free-Standing Pergolas → Wall-Mounted Pergolas →

Free-Standing Pergola Kits by Size

SINGLE (up to 12' x 12')

DOUBLE  (up to 24' x 12')

TRIPLE  (up to 36' x 12')

QUAD  (up to 24' x 24')

Wall-Mounted Pergola Kits by Size

SINGLE  (up to 12' x 12')

DOUBLE  (up to 24' attached x 12')

TRIPLE  (up to 36' attached x 12')

QUAD  (up to 24' x 24')

or Browse Individual Pergola Brackets

or browse 4x4 and 2x4 pergola brackets instead

Pergola Kits with Roof - By Dimensions

Note: Wall-mounted pergolas attach to your home on the width side.

Width ⇨
Depth ⇩
8' Wide 10' Wide 12' Wide 14' Wide 16' Wide 18' Wide 20' Wide 22' Wide      24' Wide     
8' Deep 8w x 8d 10w x 8d 12w x 8d 14w x 8d 16w x 8d 18w x 8d 20w x 8d 22w x 8d 24w x 8d
10' Deep 8w x 10d 10w x 10d 12w x 10d 14w x 10d 16w x 10d 18w x 10d 20w x 10d 22w x 10d 24w x 10d
12' Deep 8w x 12d 10w x 12d 12w x 12d 14w x 12d 16w x 12d 18w x 12d 20w x 12d 22w x 12d 24w x 12d
14' Deep 8w x 14d 10w x 14d 12w x 14d 14w x 14d 16w x 14d 18w x 14d 20w x 14d 22w x 14d 24w x 14d
16' Deep 8w x 16d 10w x 16d 12w x 16d 14w x 16d 16w x 16d 18w x 16d 20w x 16d 22w x 16d 24w x 16d
18' Deep 8w x 18d 10w x 18d 12w x 18d 14w x 18d 16w x 18d 18w x 18d 20w x 18d 22w x 18d 24w x 18d
20' Deep 8w x 20d 10w x 20d 12w x 20d 14w x 20d 16w x 20d 18w x 20d 20w x 20d 22w x 20d 24w x 20d
22' Deep 8w x 22d 10w x 22d 12w x 22d 14w x 22d 16w x 22d 18w x 22d 20w x 22d 22w x 22d 24w x 22d
24' Deep 8w x 24d 10w x 24d 12w x 24d 14w x 24d 16w x 24d 18w x 24d 20w x 24d 22w x 24d 24w x 24d
Wide or Deep
Click here if one side of your pergola will be 25-36'.
Wide or Deep
Request a quote if one side of your pergola will be 37' or longer.

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Pergola experts are standing by to answer all of your questions. Call us at (877) 760-6992 or click the LIVE CHAT icon below. Any size, any shape, any roof, any wall or side railing... if you can imagine it, we can make it happen! We guarantee we'll be able to create a pergola kit that is perfect for your back yard!

DIY Pergola Kits for Sale

Building the perfect backyard pergola is as simple as can be when you purchase a DIY pergola kit from Our high-quality pergola brackets can be used to build any configuration of pergola that you can imagine. Our DIY pergolas were engineered to look beautiful and stand up against the elements.

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