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Valentine's Day Sale: Get 20% Off + Free Shipping until Feb 14th

Zen Pergola Reviews

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Based on 12 reviews
easy peasy

so easy to put together. picked up the wood and a canopy from home depot and this kit had everything else i needed. install only took about 90min. assembled pergolla looks great

Wish I would have gone with the 6x6 size

The brackets are really nice and the assembled purgola looks great. But with the purgola being as big as it is (24x20), the 4x4 posts look a little smaller than I hoped they would. It's still solid as a rock, but I kind of regret not paying a little more and getting the 6x6 size.

THe compliments just keep coming :-)

Very easy to put together and very good quality. We've had several friends & family over for bbqs and little get-togethers and everyones commented about how great our patio looks with this pergola. Very pleased. Thx!!

Very nice kit

My husband and I were super impressed with the quality of the brackets. Very heavyduty steel with an attractive black finish. We opted for the flush/inline roof style as we like the more modern contained look w/o overhangs. It turned out beatifully. And roof brackets made putting on the roof really easy.

Sturdy & Secure

I live in Arizona and just finished assembling my pergola. It looks absolutely fantastic with the desert landscape and black metal brackets. As you can imagine, the summers get quite hot around here so I added a privacy wall for extra protection. I'm excited to use it once Spring and Summer comes along. The pergola that I built is about 10x10 and stands alone from the house. It is solid as can be. The only part I was concerned with was attaching it to the concrete foundation but I found a youtube video and it was as simple as can be. Can't thank you guys enough. This thing looks amazing!

Strong Brackets, High quality Products

Would love some videos to go along with your instructions, but the install was easy enough. The pergola looks great and seems very strong and durable. The brackets are nice, thick steel and the powder coating protection is clearly high quality. Bring folks over for a bbq this weekend and couldn't be more proud to host.

Thank you for the suggestion. Videos are coming soon!

5 stars

I really like this kit. It makes my intire back yard feel bigger and nicer. I'm so glad i got it and would recomend it to anyone.

Love How it Looks

I own a few town homes and these made perfect additions to the backyards. They only took a couple hours to install and were more affordable than any other solution I found out there.

Super Easy to Assemble

I just received my pergola kit and got it assembled over the weekend. It was so easy to put together. It literally took me longer to go to Home Depot and pick up the lumber than it did to assemble the thing. Margret was fantastic to work with during hte purchasing process and helped me get exactly what I was looking for. Can't say enough good things about this company.

Awesome kit for easy assembly

I have no prior experience installing a pergola and the entire process only took a couple of hours. The instructions were very clear. Just make sure you have a few people there to help you support the beams as you get it all installed.