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About Zen Pergolas

If you've landed on this "About Us" page, it's safe to say that you're in the market for a new pergola. With dozens of pergola companies to choose from, why should you choose Zen Pergolas over the competition? If you have a few minutes to spare, we encourage you to read this page and get to know us a little bit better!

Meet the Owners

Meet the Owners

Meet Mike & Kevin Hermansen, owners of Zen Pergolas! We were born in Northern Utah & raised in Southern Idaho, where we both live to this day.

Spending quality time with family & friends is our passion, and that's why we decided to build a business that focuses on creating environments where families & friends can spend their time together in comfort!

In 2017 we started building, where we sell high-end vinyl pergola kits to those with slightly bigger budgets. And in 2021 we also started, a website selling quality patio furniture & accessories. In 2022, we launched At Zen Pergolas, you can get a top-quality DIY pergola at a much more affordable price!

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What Makes Zen Pergolas Different?

Back in 2014, Mike hired a local company to come and build him a nice, vinyl pergola. The pergola wasn't huge... maybe 12x20 in size. But the pergola still cost him thousands upon thousands of dollars (and this was nearly a decade ago)!!! Although a nice vinyl pergola has its advantages, it's simply out of the price range that most American families can afford right now. That's exactly what inspired us to launch Zen Pergolas!

Zen Pergolas is similar to a few other companies out there, but we have set ourselves apart in 2 big ways:

First, our prices are just lower than comparable pergola companies. Everything on our website was designed in-house and manufactured by us. That means that there is no middle-man driving up the price. Whether you buy it from Amazon or right here on our website, it is coming straight from us and our warehouse in Boise, ID.

Second, our pergola bracket designs are better & more versatile than our competitors. We have spent countless hours agonizing over our designs and we can comfortably say that our brackets can do more! Want to angle your roof purlins? You can do that! How about have a more traditional looking pergola roof? You can do that too! And what about building a custom privacy wall without breaking the bank? We can get you taken care of, no problem! Take a look at our pre-configured kits to see how you might transform your back yard into an oasis you've been dreaming of, all on a Saturday afternoon!